Territory War 3

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Territory War 3

Territory War 3 - the third edition of the popular game is now available at our website. A lot of new upgrades are waiting for you, and one of them is a massive multiplayer feature that is now available in full version of the game. You can create a free account and join server to play with a lot of people all over the world. In this stickman game, you have to make an accurate shot, or throw the grenade and do the biggest possible damage to enemy. There is no need to hurry up, because players are doing shots one after another. Enjoy the traditional multiplayer, or play single player campaign or join server for mass multiplayer in the Territory War 3. Check out the controls of the game: [Arrows] - Move player,jump,aim [A]- Use Weapon [SHIFT] - Hold for steady aim [W] - Choose Weapon [X]- Cancel weapon [F][B] - spin/backspin [P] - Pass turn