Awesome Tanks 2

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Awesome Tanks 2

Awesome Tanks 2 is back with the new version of the game, featuring new campaign mode, new updates and new tanks. There are so many stuff that you have to explore and unblock. The mission of the player is simple - kill all tanks and destroy the final target to win. When you start the level, almost everything is hidden. You explore the area on your own, but be afraid of the hidden traps. Your enemies are hidden on the map, all of them differ by each other. When you kill enemy, you are given golden coins - use them to upgrade your tank. Enjoy Awesome Tanks 2 at [W][A][S][D] or [ARROW] Keys to move [Mouse] to aim and fire [SHIFT] to lay mines [SPACEBAR], [Q]/[E] or [1..9] to switch weapons.